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Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Back at it.
When Ian drawings its very difficult rendering the detail. I defiantly don’t get “lost” like I remember when I was 15-27 years old drawing away in a fever.
This is hard work.
The only joy comes when I take the glasses of and see the drawing from about a foot to two feet away and recognize that what I am doing is actually working.

Slow and steady is this race.

Framing pick up

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Picked up my framed “armouring” prints. I saw a sample a few weeks ago. I’ll unwrapped them at the studio latter today or Friday morning.
Eight in total. I used some yellow brass from an older work to help pay for the framing. This type of recycling is not uncommon for me, seems logical to recycle works into others.
For armouring to be completed, as it stands now the work seems to float no context, I am considering a text to accompany the prints.
A photo seems disjointed.
Perhaps employing a writer would help creat a text that works. This needs careful consideration /execution.

I have decided that a grouping of five and three works. What prints constitute each of the two groupings is not decided. Again this work is almost complete. These last details are crucial. As I want the work not only to hold up singularly but also carry the full consequence/history of the work.

Need to figure this out.
I have a feeling, actually an intellectual worry that this work has the potential to fail. Similar to a few other works that failed because of my choosing to share them in a context of a gallery far removed from their activation.
More latter on this

Draw’n tools

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Working on T.E.D. Today.
Hard on the eyes.
Added a picture of my drawing tools.
I placed a piece of paper over incomplete areas to rest my arm on the drawing desk. This piece of paper prevents any smudging or unwanted substances to damage the surface while I’m drawing.



Framed last three small of T.E.D.

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Pick up the last three small drawings of twenty eight days.
that makes13 as the grand total.
I put them on the floor/wall of the studio.
I am interested to see how this plays out with the last large one. After all the rendering of detail how will the affect the large one. I believe there will be a difference in the large one I’m doing now and the first one. Not only in “quality” but also in quantity.