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Saturday, January 16th, 2010

this exhibition is slotted to happen in he begining of sept 2010. I am doing this project in Montreal at diagonal art center, artist run.
I am basing the exhibition on TNG 557 that happened in 2006 in Calgary.
I am working with the same core materials, copper, steel, canvas, bees wax. I have a few ideas to expand the range of materials but funding is an issue due the weight of the materials I am using.
the peramiters of the project ar the same so fare. I am planning to work with a model of the gallery ( I will post a photo. soon) to sort through what need to be added to the project. one point is the way inwhich the food operates in the exhibition injunction with the viewer, also the relation with the viewer in regards to the opening and how the project plays out over the time the gallery is hosting the project.