Twenty eight days (specimen)

I have started a part of twenty eight days that have been very excited about. I am taking what I call points of interest on the scape of the pink insulation and drawing them. I am doing these drawings as a botanist would do a drawing of a detail of a specimen of interest for a field study. Conceptually doing detailed studies of select parts of pink insulation in this context begs to question what am I studying and what am I out to learn from the study.

I have so far completed two. One on august 12 th the other august 22. I started a third on the 23,today. Practically speaking it’s working very well. I am able to complete them with relative speed ( comparing it to the large ones). This simply gives me a break and energizes the project allowing for a fresh new start for a larger one.
This project will take some time and commitment to complete. It is critical that i do not lose site of my intention for this work.

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