Day 2

I am here on saturday. I resolved the camera situation. Better quality shots I hope. However I looked at the video last night. Not bad actually. Not bad at all. It may work.

My break is almost over. Very tired, my sleep is a bit broken. Waking up etc. That’s fine. I am sure I’ll adjust.

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  1. Perry says:


    thank you!!…

  2. Tom says:



  3. Jared says:


    thanks for information….

  4. hector says:


    tnx for info!…

  5. morris says:


    ñïñ çà èíôó….

  6. hubert says:


    ñýíêñ çà èíôó!!…

  7. jon says:


    ñïàñèáî çà èíôó….

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